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Al Scheid first purchased property in Monterey County in 1972, a 10-acre parcel located on the edge of the town of Greenfield. Monterey wine grape growing was in its infancy and Al was drawn to the region for its untapped potential. He consulted with Professor A.J. Winkler, a viticultural authority at the University of California at Davis, who had published a report in 1960 classifying grape growing regions by climate. Monterey County was classified as Regions I and II, comparable to Napa, Sonoma, Burgundy and Bordeaux, making it one of the most climatically suitable regions in the state for growing high quality wine grapes.

The first 10 acres were quickly followed by other unplanted parcels located near Greenfield – land that turned into our present-day Elm, Hacienda, Viento and Baja Viento Vineyards.

Over the ensuing years, these vineyards were followed by other estate properties, all in the Monterey AVA, bringing us to our present day portfolio of twelve estate vineyards.

Our latest purchase in 2013 is also our smallest vineyard at 2½ acres but it is dearest to our hearts. It is Isabelle’s Vineyard, named after Al Scheid’s mother, and is home to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for our Isabelle Sparkling Wine.

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