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Vin’s Wine Club


Vin’s Wine Club takes its name from the emblem on our wine labels, the iconic image of a vineyard worker. Vin reflects our beginnings as a grape grower and our belief that an extraordinary glass of wine always begins with extraordinary grapes.

Most of the grapes we grow are sold to other wineries, from small ultra-premium producers to larger, well-known brands. For our Scheid Vineyards wines, we use the top 2% of grapes we grow on our twelve estate vineyards. Having such broad resources allows us to carefully select only the fruit we believe will make the finest wine possible. As a Vin’s Wine Club Member, we promise you that we will bottle only the best of the best.

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2020 Wine Club Newsletters

Benefits Include:

  • Complimentary Estate Tastings at either Tasting Room

  • Preferential Pricing on available wines

  • 4 unique allocations each year (March, May, September, November)

  • Exclusive Access to Scheid events, including our famous Hangar Party

  • Vineyard Tours

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