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Vineyard Sustainability

We use 100% drip irrigation, with technology that senses soil moisture and monitors plant stress, in order to use only the amount of water that is necessary. Planting a variety of cover crops between vineyard rows improves soil health naturally, prevents erosion, controls vine vigor, discourages weeds, and promotes the sustainable health of the vineyard. We follow an integrated pest management strategy to allow beneficial insects to control pests whenever possible and utilize low impact methods, such as herbal-based preparations applied to the soil to promote soil vitality through increased microbiologic activity and diversity. Over 250 owl boxes are perched amongst our vineyards, a natural way to control rodents that prey on grapevines, such as gophers and field mice. Barn owls take residence in our owl boxes where they nest during the day and hunt at night, helping to keep the land in balance.


  • California Green Medal

  • Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing

  • Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices)

  • S.I.P. (Sustainability in Practice)


Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW) is a statewide certification program that provides third-party verification of a winery’s commitment to continuous improvement in the adoption and implementation of sustainable winegrowing practices. We achieved certification of our estate vineyards in 2014.


Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certified helps farmers and winemakers demonstrate their dedication to preserving and protecting natural and human resources. The program’s award-winning rigor and integrity have earned it the reputation of being the gold standard for sustainable certification. Scheid Family Wines began working with SIP in 2017 and now has 5 certified vineyards, totaling over 1,000 certified acres.


Global G.A.P. Certification (Good Agricultural Practice) is an internationally recognized system that sets standards to ensure safe and sustainable agriculture and ensure product safety, environmental responsibility and the health, safety and welfare of workers. We became the first Global G.A.P. certified vineyards in the USA in November 2015.