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2012 'Isabelle' Sparkling Wine
Tasting Notes

2012 'Isabelle' Sparkling Wine

If you know about the crafting of champagne, you understand it is a special wine that is a labor of love. And that is why our sparkling cuvée was named for Isabelle Adolphin Pearce, beloved mother of Al Scheid. Like the hands-on, no-shortcuts-allowed méthode champenoise way we produce our sparkler, Isabelle was old school through and through. Something “store bought” wasn’t worth nearly as much as something that was lovingly made by hand, whether it was an intricately crocheted afghan, a faux red fur coat for her granddaughter, or her melt-in-your-mouth pot roast. She firmly believed that busy hands make a happy heart and she lived by those words by working hard and taking care of others her entire life. Our 2012 Isabelle Sparkling Wine is an elegant and complex cuvée in a brut style, with aromas of yellow apple, pear, and hints of honey, almond and brioche. Here’s to Isabelle, much loved and greatly missed. 

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Great sparkling wine is made from grapes grown in only the coolest climates, where the delicate aromas and natural acidity are preserved. Monterey County, with morning fogs that often linger until mid-day, possesses the just-right conditions to place it on par with the best growing regions of the world for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We carefully farm specific estate vineyard rows throughout the year that epitomize intensity, complexity and excellent structure. These grapes are carefully hand-harvested into small bins and transported promptly to the winery. The 2012 growing season was picture perfect. The spring months were temperate and uneventful, with no significant frost threats and ideal temperatures. Cool nights and overcast mornings followed by breezy afternoons made the summer months perfect for even ripening and good flav or development. Excellent harvest-time conditions allowed us to let the grapes hang until optimal ripeness was achieved.
Isabelle is produced in the traditional méthode champenoise. Primary fermentation was done slowly and at cold temperatures to enhance the varietal aromatics and preserve the natural delicate character. Next, the cuvée was bottled with sugar and yeast, and a secondary fermentation proceeded in the bottle. While fermenting en tirage, carbon dioxide that would normally be released was trapped, producing the sparkle and bubbles. After aging on the lees for 46 months, the wine was riddled, slowly shaken and turned with the angle gradually increased, causing the lees to dislodge and settle in the neck of the bottle. The settled lees was then frozen to form a “plug” and disgorged. The sparkling wine was quickly corked to maintain the effervescence and voila, Isabelle was born!
Varietal Composition
53% Pinot Noir, 47% Chardonnay
Mesa del Rio
Harvest Date
September 10, 2012
Harvest Brix
20.5 – 20.78°
Alcohol %
100% Stainless Steel
Cases Produced
Bottling Date
June 29, 2017