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Vin’s Library Wine Club


Properly cellaring wine takes patience, but the good news is that we started doing this more than 20 years ago and through the years have determined which wines are truly age-worthy.

Bottle Options Average Cost
3 bottles* 3 bottles $200

* Note that Vin’s Library Wine Club members may not always receive 3 bottles as shipments will sometimes include magnums or other special bottlings.

We currently have a wait list for Vin’s Library Wine Club. Please email to be placed on the wait list or call us at (831) 455-9990.


Additional Benefits

  • Exclusive access to rare Library wines

  • Vin’s Reserve Tastings Included

  • Private Vineyard Tour (by appointment)

  • First access to Vin’s Reserve wines

  • Shipments may include magnums and special bottlings